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Our goal as Truwholeness is to help you prevent, identify and resolve dis-ease where possible, and enhance your overall well-being by adopting remarkable, yet simple, modern-day prevention actions you can start doing right now to protect yourself and your loved ones.

A Brief Introduction of Dr. Lucy Chege

President and CEO – TruWholeness

Dr. Lucy Chege is a doctoral graduate (DNP) from Maryville University in St. Louis Missouri board-certified family nurse practitioner. She is certified as a toxicity and detox specialist, a professional plant-based nutrition coach, and a clinical trauma professional. She is a natural health and wellness researcher, advocate, consultant, and coach with almost a decade of experience, known for providing people with the proven best steps to live long and well. Her gifts are truth-seeking and empathy. Dr. Lucy’s goal is to share these incredible revelations, insights, and lifesaving and spirit-illuminating discoveries with anyone who is willing to listen and who can benefit from them.

Your Health Matters

Having been a registered nurse for some time, Dr. Lucy witnessed pain and misery, poor quality of life, and in many cases deaths in the majority of patients that she took care of. She also noticed that the “every pill for every ill” model we were part of was not working as the patients who made it back, came with more ailments, hence more diagnoses to which the model only knows to add more pills.

As a foreigner who had known pain living in a third-world country in a very small village, this observation did not sit well with her. “I am in America, the land that flows with milk and honey, the land of opportunity, the land with the best doctors, the best technology, the best education. Why was this happening?“ upon researching further, she found that America was among the sickest nations!
She had seen it in her practice as a registered nurse, and it was her chance to get in the field and heal her patients.

Two semesters down the road in her doctoral degree, she realized that the education itself was the problem. All they teach is the “pill for every Ill” model. She knew very quickly that this is not what she was looking for. But she kept going but in the process, she dove into the research finding out what those who healed their diseases did to heal them.
She became a guinea pig of her own research, did everything that she found to heal people, and in the end completely transformed her own health.

Dr. Lucy Before and After Photo

 She started teaching her family, and her friends and realized that everything we all did could be replicated.

Dr. Lucy came to realize that Health was achievable, and it was also attainable. But you have to look for it in the right places. That is why she is in the business of educating people to get back their health.
She does this by teaching remarkable, yet simple, modern-day prevention actions.

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