About Dr. Lucy

I am a soul here in the universe taking on different roles, eager to fulfil the purpose of my creator.

I am a doctoral graduate (DNP) from Maryville University in St. Louis Missouri board-certified family nurse practitioner.

I am a certified Toxicity and detox specialist, a professional plant-based nutrition coach, Intrinsic Health, and a Clinical trauma professional.

I am a natural health and wellness researcher, advocate, consultant, and Coach with almost a decade of experience, known for providing people the proven best steps to live long and well. My gift is truth seeking and empathy. My goal is to share these amazing downloads, revelations, delivering, amazing, lifesaving and spirit illuminating findings with everyone willing to listen who can be positively impacted by it.

I am a visionary pioneer and a leading authority and teacher in the field of true wholeness, health and wellness, lifestyle transformation which induces the unity of mind body emotions and spirit.

Truwholeness is only possible when we have some understanding of who we are: – the unity of our minds, emotions, spirit, and physical bodies. To achieve perfection, we activate the body system to do what it knows to do best.

My slogan is “activate the innate intelligence to heal you, because feeling good matters”

I am also known for my empowering approaches to people inflicted with childhood traumas.

The key to vibrant health is on all levels within us: – our inner wisdom! When we find the connection between our thought’s beliefs physical health and life circumstances, the finding is that we are in the driver’s seat and 100% capable to make profound positive changes.


TruWholeness provides personalized insights with an integrated delivery model that helps reduce avoidable ER visits, hospital admissions, or skilled nursing facility stays by delivering high-quality and cost-effective preventative health education. 

Our mission

To empower mankind to live a life full of health and happiness!

Our Vision

Carefully guiding everyone to take charge of their health and become their own doctors by activating all healing mechanisms in the body so it can heal itself.

Our Values

  Our Values are embodied in The TruWholeness Way                        

  • Courage to advocate practices that heal our patients holistically and/or improve their quality of life
  • Innovation to trailblaze a new path for healthcare

The inspiration behind TruWholeness (video-coming soon)

Contact Info

Dr. Lucy Chege DNP.


Empower mankind to live a life full of health and happiness!


(770) 757-0161

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